An Update to my first Python Script

Nothing can ever really be considered done when you're talking about programming, right?

I decided to try and add images to the python script I wrote last week and was able to do it, with not too much hassel.

The first thing I decided to do was to update the code on pythonista on my iPad Pro and verify that it would run.

It took some doing (mostly because I forgot that the attributes in an img tag included what I needed ... initially I was trying to programatically get the name of the person from the image file itelf using regular expressions ... it didn't work out well).

Once that was done I branched the master on GitHub into a development branch and copied the changes there. Once that was done I performed a pull request on the macOS GitHub Desktop Application.

Finally, I used the macOS GitHub app to merge my pull request from development into master and now have the changes.

The updated script will now also get the image data to display into the multi markdown table:

| Name | Title | Image |
| --- | --- | --- |
|Mike Cheley|CEO/Creative Director|![alt text]( "Mike Cheley")|
|Ozzy|Official Greeter|![alt text]( "Ozzy")|
|Jay Sant|Vice President|![alt text]( "Jay Sant")|
|Shawn Isaac|Vice President|![alt text]( "Shawn Isaac")|
|Jason Gurzi|SEM Specialist|![alt text]( "Jason Gurzi")|
|Yvonne Valles|Director of First Impressions|![alt text]( "Yvonne Valles")|
|Ed Lowell|Senior Designer|![alt text]( "Ed Lowell")|
|Paul Hasas|User Interface Designer|![alt text]( "Paul Hasas")|
|Alan Schmidt|Senior Web Developer|![alt text]( "Alan Schmidt")|

Which gets displayed as this:

Name Title Image

Mike Cheley CEO/Creative Director alt text Ozzy Official Greeter alt text Jay Sant Vice President alt text Shawn Isaac Vice President alt text Jason Gurzi SEM Specialist alt text Yvonne Valles Director of First Impressions alt text Ed Lowell Senior Designer alt text Paul Hasas User Interface Designer alt text Alan Schmidt Senior Web Developer alt text