Home, End, PgUp, PgDn ... BBEdit Preferences

As I've been writing up my posts for the last couple of days I've been using the amazing macOS Text Editor BBEdit. One of the things that has been tripping me up though are my 'Windows' tendencies on the keyboard. Specifically, my muscle memory of the use and behavior of the Home, End, PgUp and PgDn keys. The default behavior for these keys in BBEdit are not what I needed (nor wanted). I lived with it for a couple of days figuring I'd get used to it and that would be that.

While driving home from work today I was listening to ATP Episode 196 and their Post-Show discussion of the recent departure of Sal Soghoian who was the Project Manager for the macOS automation. I'm not sure why, but suddenly it clicked with me that I could probably change the behavior of the keys through the Preferences for the Keyboard (either system wide, or just in the Application).

When I got home I fired up BBEdit and jumped into the preferences and saw this:

Keyboard preferences

I made a couple of changes, and now the keys that I use to navigate through the text editor are now how I want them to be:

My keyboard preferences

Nothing too fancy, or anything, but goodness, does it feel right to have the keys work the way I need them to.