Declaring Omnifocus Bankrupty

I've been an on-again, off-again user of the Getting Things Done methodology for several years now. I'm also a geek, so I indulge my inner geekiness and like to have 'tools' to help me with my hobbies / neuroses. Enter Omnifocus an amazing GTD application created by The Omni Group.

I have always enjoyed how easy it is to sync between each of my devices using the Omni Sync Server so that my iPhone knows what changes I made on my iMac. It's pretty sweet, but lately I've gotten overwhelmed with the cruft in my Omnifocus database. So much so that I've actually stopped using OmniFocus as my GTD application of choice and have 'gone rogue' and am not using anything right now. Actually, I haven't used anything for several weeks now. It's starting to get to me.

Tonight I decided, the hell with it. I'm ignoring my 'todo' list anyway, why now just declare 'OmniFocus / GTD bankruptcy' and start the whole darn thing over again.

In order to make 'all my troubles go away' I found this article on the OmniGroup's support forum ... which BTW is a great place for all things OmniFocus!

using the instructions I found where the ofocus file was located and changed it's name from this:

OmniFocus Start

to this:

OmniFocus End

Then I just followed the steps 5 - 11 and magically all of my tasks were gone. Just. Like. That.

Then I had to update my iOS OmniFocus, but that wasn't an issue. Just selected the 'Keep Sync Database' to over write the database on iOS and I was all set.

Doing this loses ALL data, including the Contexts, and Perspectives, but I can create ones that I need easily enough. There's this guy called MacSparky that's kind of a savant about this stuff. I'm sure he's got a post or two that can help.

I don't know that I'll do better this time, or that I won't just do this again in 6 months, or 12 months, or 5 years ... but for right now, it's what I need to do so I can get back to Getting Things Done.