HIMSS review

I had meant to do a write up of each day of my HIMSS experience, but time got away from me, as did the time zone change, and here I am at the end of HIMSS experience with only my day 0 notes down on paper.

Day 1 started with a rousing Keynote by Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM. The things that struck me most about her keynote were here sense of optimism about the future sprinkled with some caution about AI, Machine Learning and Big Data. She reminded us that the computers that we are using for our analyst is are tools to help, not replace, people and that it is incumbent upon us, the leaders of HIT, to keep in the front of our minds how these BIG Data AI/ML algorithms were trained. As the old saying goes, "Garbage In, Garbage Out"

I also was able to record a bit of her keynote speech just in case I need to find and listen to it later.

I tweeted a couple of times during the keynote (and even got some likes and retweets ... not something I'm used to getting)

Transparency in the Era of Cognition with the help of @ibmwatson #himss17

Artificial intelligence is out of its winter ... I sure hope so, but time will tell #himss17

Integration in workflow is the key to adoption #himss17

Don't let others define you. Great words from @GinniRometty #himss17

Growth and comfort never coexist. Another great gem from @GinniRometty #himss17

I spent almost all of my time on day 1 in educational sessions. One things that I noticed from my first class was just how FULL it was 15 minutes before the session even started!

The Emerging Impacts of AI on HIT was full 15 minutes before the session started! Something tells me lots of ppl interested in AI #HIMSS17

Sometimes the session title were a bit misleading, but eventually most of them would come around. A class with a title of Connecticut Hospitals Drive Policy with Geospatial Analysis was more about the Connecticut Hospitals and less about the Geospatial Analysis, but in the end I was what I was hoping to see which was people using Geospatial Analysis to help identify, and perhaps risk stratify patients to give the best care possible.

My tweet when the class was over:

Great talk on #geospatial analysis. So many ideas floating through my head now on potential actions and analysis #HIMSS17

I ended my HIMSS 2017 experience on a high note with a great session titled Choosing the Right IT Projects To Deliver Strategic Value. I'm still processing everything that came out of that session, but it left me feeling very positive about the future. It was nice to have the same, or at least very similar, feeling of optimism at the end of HIMSS as I had at the beginning after Mrs. Rometty's Keynote.

I'll be writing up my notes and linking to the presentations later this week (maybe whilst I'm flying back home to California tomorrow).

This is a conference I am overwhelmed by but am glad I am coming to.

While it's fresh in my mind, strategies for next year:

  • Pick 1 - 3 strategic challenges you want to solve. Then identify 10 - 20 vendors that can help solve that problem. Talk to them, schedule appointments with them. Get more information than you know what to do with
  • Work on being a presenter. It will help check off that 'Speak in front of large groups of people' item on your Bucket List