Migrating from Square Space to Word Press

This weekend I migrated my site from Square Space to WordPress. I had been planning to do this for a while (ever since a Hover ad read on ATP earlier this summer). This weekend was the last weekend before my Square Spacesubscription was set to expire so I finally made the switch.

Why I did it

Square Space offers a beautiful interface and great templates to get you started. They make everything about setting up a blog, portfolio or online store as easy as it can get. But ... that’s kind of where it ends for me. While the set up is amazingly easy, the actually content posting (for me this means my writing) was more difficult than I would have liked.

In order to get something posted to my Square Space site I would write something in anyone of a number of Plain Text Editors (BBEdit, Drafts, Editorial, Ulysses). Then I would preview the generated HTML to verify it looked the way I wanted it to. Finally, I would post my MarkDown to the Square Space Blog App on iOS and do it All. Over. Again.

To say that it was frustrating is a bit of an understatement. I looked really hard to see what APIs existed and found that there used to be an API but that Square Space removed them for some reason. So no direct posting to my blog by my favorite text editors.

So, with Hover having a discount on domains, and me getting an AWSaccount where I could host WordPress and a rich set of WordPress APIs to post directly from some of my favorite text editors, it seemed like a no brainer to make the switch.

How I set up my Wordpress Install

The AWS ecosystem has some amazing documentation on how to do just about anything that you want. So, instead of laboriously taking screenshots and writing up what I did, I’ll just link to Amazon’s Launch a WordPress Website tutorial

Exporting from Square Space to Wordpress

For all the pain it was to get content into SquareSpace, it was a breeze to get it out. Again, no need to get screenshots or write it up if I can just link to it instead!

What I hope to gain from it

As I wrote earlier my main reason for leaving Square Space was the difficulty I had getting content in. So, now that I’m on a WordPress site, what am I hoping to gain from it?

  1. Easier to post my writing
  2. See Item 1

Writing is already really hard for me. I struggle with it and making it difficult to get my stuff out into the world makes it that much harder. My hope is that not only will I write more, but that my writing will get better because I’m writing more.

Ulysses integration

With all of that, what has my experience been with writing my first post to my WordPress site?

This entire post was written and edited in Ulysses. I was able to preview my post in Ulysses. I was able topost my content to the site with Ulysses. Basically, Ulysses is a kick ass app and on day one of the conversion, I’m about as happy with a decision that I can be given the short amount of time since I’ve made it.