HIMSS Day 1 Impressions

I was able to make it to 5 educational sessions today. And the good thing is that I learned something at each one. I think the highlight of the day for me was actually my first session titled, Stacking Predictive Models to Reduce Readmissions.

A couple of key things from that presentation was the idea of focusing on a patient that readmits, not just from a clinical perspective, but from a human perspective. There were lots of technology that they used to help the care coordinators identify who was going to readmit, but the why of the readmission was always done via human interaction. I think that may be the single most important thing to remember.

Something else that was mentioned was that the grou got their tool out quickly instead of trying to be perfect. It went through a couple of iterations in order to get a tool that was usable by all their various clinics.

Some other key takeaways from today:

  • We need to focus on Augmented Human Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence (from How Machine Learning and AI Are Disrupting the Current Healthcare System)
  • Don’t treat Cloud Service Providers as Plug and Play vendors (from HIPAA and a Cloud Computing Shared Security Model)
  • Creation of a committee of ‘No’ to help flesh out ideas before they are implemented (from Intrapreneurship and the Approach to Innovation From Within)
  • Think about how to operationalize insights from data, and not just explore the data (from Beyond BI: Building Rapid-Response Advanced Analytics Unit)

That’s a wrap on day 1 at HIMSS. Day 2 looks to be just as exciting (meet with some vendors, attend some more educational sessions, go to a sponsored luncheon).