Class Based Views

As I’ve written about previously I’m working on a Django app. It’s in a pretty good spot (you should totally check it out over at and I thought now would be a good time to learn a bit more about some of the ways that I’m rendering the pages.

I’m using Class Based Views (CBV) and I realized that I really didn’t grok how they worked. I wanted to change that.

I’ll be working on a series where I deep dive into the CBV and work them from several angles and try to get them to do all of the things that they are capable of.

The first place I’d suggest anyone start to get a good idea of CBV, and the idea of Mixins would be SpaPas’ GitHub Page where he does a really good job of covering many pieces of the CBV. It’s a great resource!

This is just the intro to this series and my hope is that I’ll publish one of these pieces each week for the next several months as I work my way through all of the various CBV that are available.