My First Python Package

A few months ago I was inspired by Simon Willison and his project Datasette and it’s related ecosystem to write a Python Package for it.

I use toggl to track my time at work and I thought this would be a great opportunity use that data with Datasette and see if I couldn’t answer some interesting questions, or at the very least, do some neat data discovery.

The purpose of this package is to:

Create a SQLite database containing data from your toggl account

I followed the tutorial for committing a package to PyPi and did the first few pushes manually. Then, using a GitHub action from one of Simon’s Datasette projects, I was able to automate it when I make a release on GitHub!

Since the initial commit on March 7 (my birthday BTW) I’ve had 10 releases, with the most recent one coming yesterday which removed an issue with one of the tables reporting back an API key which, if published on the internet could be a bad thing ... so hooray for security enhancements!

Anyway, it was a fun project, and got me more interested in authoring Python packages. I’m hoping to do a few more related to Datasette (although I’m not sure what to write honestly!).

Be sure to check out the package on and the source code on GitHub.