Vin’s Last Game

Twelve years ago today Steve Finley hit a Grand Slam in the 9th to clinch the NL West title against the Giants. Today, the Dodgers have already won the NL West title so we won’t have anything like that again, but it is Vin Scully’s last game to be called. EVER.


I remember watching Dodgers games on KTLA with my grandmother in the 80’s. I thought baseball was slow and boring, but the way that Vin would tell stories was able to keep me interested.

Vin is able to call a game, with no emotion, just tell the story of the game. Dropping tidbits about this player or that player. Always knowing more about the people in the game while also knowing so much about the game.


He’s quite litterally seen everything. From perfect games to triple plays. He called Hank Aaron’s historic record breaking home run. He even saw a pitcher throwing a perfect game through 7 get pulled (I’m looking at you DAve Roberts).


In the last game he ever called the Dodgers are in playoff form. This … is not a good thing. The Dodgers are historically an awful performing playoff team, and so far, they have managed to lose 4 of their last 5 and are working on making it 5 of 6.


It’s a dark and dreary day in San Francisco. It’s raining in San Francisco. Kenta Maeda is pitching for the Dodgers.


Dodgers first out of the game is a Stikeout of Hunter Pence … but the Dodgers are down 0-2. Might be a long one today



The game ended not with a win, but a whimper as the Dodgers lost to the Giants 7-1.


As Vin gave his last call it wasn’t a great call like Charlie Culberson’s Home Run to win the West (and the game) last weekend. It was a pop fly that sent the Giants back to New York to face the Mets.


Five years ago I never wanted him to retire. This season, I’m glad he decided to put the microphone up. A little slower in the outfield, not quite as quick with the bat, still the greatest broadcaster that ever lived.


Vin was teaching lessons all those years, not just calling games. It was only in his last season, his last game, that I really was able to hear them.


Realize that you are blessed to do what you do.


Don’t be sad that something has ended, but be happy that it had started.


The last one gets me in a way I can’t quite describe. Maybe it’s where I’m at in life right now, maybe it’s that it would resonate with me regardless, but it is a nice reminder, that life is what you make of it. Don’t be sad that a thing has ended, but instead be happy that you had a chance to have it happen at all.


Great words Vin. Thank you

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