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Healthcare Big Data Success Starts with the Right Questions

The last major piece of the puzzle is the ability to pick projects that can bear fruit quickly, Ibrahim added, in order to jumpstart enthusiasm and secure widespread support.

Healthcare Big Data Success Starts with the Right Questions

Moving from measurement to management – and from management to improvement – was the next challenge, he added. 

Healthcare Big Data Success Starts with the Right Questions

Each question builds upon the previous answer to create a comprehensive portrait of how data flows throughout a segment of the organization.  Ibrahim paraphrased the survey like so:

• Do we have the data and analytics to connect to the important organizations in each of these three domains?

• If we have the data, is it integrated in a meaningful way?  Can we look at that data and tell meaningful stories about what is happening, where it’s happening, and why it’s happening?

• Even if we have the data and it’s integrated meaningfully and we can start to tell that story, do we apply some statistical methodology to the data where we aggregate and report on it?

• If we have the data, and it can tell us a story, and we use good analytics methodology, are we able to present it in an understandable way to all our stakeholders, from the front-line clinician all the way up to the chief executive?   

• Are the analytics really meaningful?  Does the information help to make decisions?  Is it rich enough that we can really figure out why something is happening?

• Lastly, even if we have accomplished all these other goals, can we deliver the information in a timely fashion to the people who need this data to do their jobs?

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