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Day 2 was a bit more draining than day 1, but that was mostly because I made my way into the exhibition hall for the first time. That many people and that much cacophony always leave me a bit … drained.

On the flip side I went to several good presentations (a couple on Block Chain).

Today’s sessions were:

  • Empowering Data Driven Health
  • Blockchain 4 Healthcare: Fit for Purpose
  • The Use of Blockchain to Improve Quality Outcomes

One of the more interesting things I heard today was that in Health Care, tech spending has gone up (over the last 20 years) but so has overall health spending. Usually we see Tech spending go up and other spending levels off (or goes down!).

Something else to consider (that I never had) was that “we need to think about doing what’s most cost effective for a person in their lifetime not just episodically!

The Blockchain sessions I went to were enlightening, but I’m still not sure I understand what it is and how it works (perhaps I’m just trying to make it more complicated than it is).

That being said, the consensus was that Blockchain is not a panacea for all the ails us. It is a tool that should be used in conjunction with current systems, not a replacement of those systems.

Something else of note, there isn’t a single implementation of Block Chain, there are almost 20 variations of it (although the IEEE is working on standardizing it). This leads me to believe that it is simply too new and too ‘wild’ to be implemented just yet.

That being said, I think that if/when Microsoft bundles or includes BlockChain (in some way) into SQL Server, then it might be the time to look at implementing it in my organization.

In my last session (another on eon BlockChain) the idea of using BlockChain to effect quality measures was discussed. The main point of the speaker was that Blockchain may allow us to give agency to patients over their health data.

Another interesting point was that Blockchain may be able to allow us to dynamically observe quality measurement instead of just at point of care. This could lead to higher quality and lower costs.

Overall, the BlockChain talks were good, and kind of helped point me in the right direction on what questions to start asking about it.

Well, day 2 is in the books. One more day of educational sessions and exhibits!

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