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  1. Auto Tweeting New Post

    Each time I write something for this site there are several steps that I go through to make sure that the post makes it's way to where people can see it.

    1. Run make html to generate the SQLite database that powers my site's search tool1
    2. Run make vercel to …
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  2. Styling Clean Up with Bash

    I have a side project I've been working on for a while now. One thing that happened overtime is that the styling of the site grew organically. I'm not a designer, and I didn't have a master set of templates or design principals guiding the development. I kind of hacked …

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  3. djhtml and justfile

    I had read about a project called djhtml and wanted to use it on one of my projects. The documentation is really good for adding it to precommit-ci, but I wasn't sure what I needed to do to just run it on the command line.

    It took a bit of …

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  4. Prototyping with Datasette

    At my job I work with some really talented Web Developers that are saddled with a pretty creaky legacy system.

    We're getting ready to start on a new(ish) project where we'll be taking an old project built on this creaky legacy system (VB.net) and re-implementing it on a …

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