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  1. Did you try restarting it?

    The number of times an issue is resolved with a simple reboot is amazing. It’s why when you call tech support (for anything) it’s always the first thing they ask you.

    Even with my experience in tech I can forget this one little trick when troubleshooting my own …

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  2. An Evening with Post Modern Jukebox

    About a month ago I discovered a kitschy band that did covers of current pop songs but re-imagined as Gatsbyesque versions. I was instantly in love with the new arrangements of these songs that I knew and the videos that they posted on YouTube. I loved it so much that …

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  3. Hosing my WiFi set up

    I have been wanting to put shelves up in my office above my desk for some time. The problem has been that the ones that are sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot are not really what I wanted (too short) and I’m not a super handy guy with …

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