1. Web Scrapping - Passer Data (Part III)

    In Part III I'm reviewing the code to populate a DataFrame with Passer data from the current NFL season.

    To start I use the games DataFrame I created in Part II to create 4 new DataFrames:

    • reg_season_games - All of the Regular Season Games
    • pre_season_games - All of …
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  2. Web Scrapping - Passer Data (Part II)

    On a previous post I went through my new found love of Fantasy Football and the rationale behind the 'why' of this particular project. This included getting the team names and their URLs from the ESPN website.

    As before, let's set up some basic infrastructure to be used later:

    from …
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  3. Vin's Last Game

    Twelve years ago today Steve Finley hit a Grand Slam in the 9th to clinch the NL West title against the Giants. Today, the Dodgers have already won the NL West title so we won't have anything like that again, but it is Vin Scully's last game to be called …

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