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  1. Receipts

    Every month I set up a budget for my family so that we can track our spending and save money in the ways that we need to while still being able to enjoy life.

    I have a couple of Siri Shortcuts that will take a picture and then put that …

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  2. iPad versus MacBook Pro

    May people ask the question ... iPad Pro or MacBook Pro. I decided to really think about this question and see, what is it that I do with each device.

    Initially I thought of each device as being its own ‘thing’. I did these things on my iPad Pro and those …

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  3. Hosing my WiFi set up

    I have been wanting to put shelves up in my office above my desk for some time. The problem has been that the ones that are sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot are not really what I wanted (too short) and I’m not a super handy guy with …

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  4. Why Ulysses is Awesome

    I started writing my last post on my iMac but because Apple Photos is a bit ... finicky with the iCloud syncing a screenshot I had taken on my iPad wasn’t there.

    No fear, just keep writing in Ulysses, then move from the iMac to the iPad and drop the …

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