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  1. Setting up the Server (on Digital Ocean)

    The initial setup

    Digital Ocean has a pretty nice API which makes it easy to automate the creation of their servers (which they call Droplets. This is nice when you’re trying to work towards automation of the entire process (like I was).

    I won’t jump into the automation …

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  2. SSL ... Finally!

    I’ve been futzing around with SSL on this site since last December. I’ve had about 4 attempts and it just never seemed to work.

    Earlier this evening I was thinking about getting a second Linode just to get a fresh start. I was this close to getting it …

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  3. Setting the Timezone on my server

    When I scheduled my last post on December 14th to be published at 6pm that night I noticed that the schedule time was a bit … off:

    What time is it?

    I realized that the server times as still set to GMT and that I had missed the step in the Linode Getting Started guide …

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  4. Setting up the site with SSL

    I’ve written about my migration from Squarespace to Wordpress earlier this year. One thing I lost with that migration when I went to Wordpress in AWS was having SSL available. While I’m sure Van Hoet will “well actually” me on this, I never could figure out how to …

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  5. Switching to Linode

    Switching to Linode

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Talk Python to me lately ... I mean a lot. Recently there was a coupon code for Linode that basically got you four months free with a purchase of a single month, so I thought, ‘what the hell’?

    Anyway, I …

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